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                • Festival 丨Before we eat scorpions, let us first talk about the art of bundling

                  It’s another annual Zongzi festival,
                  Every time I eat a Zongzi,
                  Untie the layer of rope,
                  I have a feeling of undressing my Zongzi.
                  Then I wondered about these different binding methods.
                  Although no matter how the scorpion is tied, it’s just a Zongzi.
                  But the bundle is beautiful and solid,
                  It can also create an impulsive bundle.
                  But it can be called art.


                  Then I think
                  What would it be like to use the art of binding and entanglement on the building?

                  Artist Christo has bundled the German Parliament Building

                  Although I saw the German Parliament building that was tied into a Zongzi, my heart was also broken... but this is art!

                  The true architects have already seen it all,
                  Combining the architectural design of the bundled art,
                  It’s so amazing that it’s bloody.

                  The ribbon wedding chapel in Hiroshima, Japan, is intertwined with spiral spiral staircases. It is a metaphor for the twists and turns of life, and the support of marriage is intertwined with each other. Such "bundling" is feminine and elegant.

                  White medical strap-type Bleisure luxury hotel, the uneven facade package is made of high-tech materials, it must be said that the shape of this white strap is very tension!

                  There is also this messy, beton hala waterfront center project designed by Japanese architect Toshiyuki Fujimoto, which is the result of a lazy cancer designer lazy to organize the rope.

                  The famous UNstudio-designed Mercedes-Benz Museum also features a spiral strap, which is not only a symbol of car culture, but also considered one of the most classic architectural designs of the 21st century.

                  “China Resources·Runfu Tianqiao” is a representative work of the cube exploration winding weaving design method. Its architectural lines are interlaced but clear, and the level of construction and order has a strong visual impact and aesthetic characteristics.
                  I want to say that as a bridge, you are too beautiful, right? !

                  “Wrapped shapes open up new design resources for space production”, and weaving, winding, wrapping and other methods have opened another door to architectural design.
                  Similarly, cubic design has always explored more possibilities for architectural design, looking for inspiration in life and art, and working to create better works for clients.

                  Ok, after I finished talking about the building, I have to continue to roll and eat the Zongzi. I wish you all -