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  • News丨Cube Design 2017 New Employee Development - Dreams Start Here

    Say good development training camp is coming.
    2017 cube design new employees outdoor development in the beautiful South Island
    Someone compares South Australia to Hawaii in Shenzhen
    Can see the beauty of the scenery there
    Blue sea and blue sky, coconut tree shadow,
    This fishing island-influenced South Australia Island is where children’s shoes are about to be trained.

    On the first day of the collection, I am full of expectations.

    Wearing a camouflage suit, is there a feeling of good looks?

    ▲Use warm-up games to open your heart and promote mutual understanding

    The personnel are divided into groups, each team name and slogan

    Crossing the [Jinyi Guard]

    And small fresh [Green Sail Team]

    Focus on funny [hahaha team]

    Domineering side leakage of war [Wolves]

    Throw water bottles to play badly it

    Game link, hilarious audience

    Bonfire party, dance to it.

    The next morning, wake up the cool sea breeze, open eyes is the unrivaled views, the mood has become very good. And the new challenge is just beginning. Today, students will participate in the "Escape Room", [High-altitude Steel Cable], [Graduation Wall] and other aspects of the test of intelligence, physical strength and teamwork.

    Thrilling high-altitude links, the team members hung the ropes, on the elevated height of more than 9 meters, complete the cliff-like high-altitude jump, leap the thrilling action of grabbing the bar.

    The visual sense of Hollywood action movies

    The last part of the outreach activities, all team members need to work together to climb the side of the 4.5-meter-high wall. Players can't rely on any external force or even language communication. The only thing that can be used is their own body and hands to help the players turn over the wall.
    Smooth walls, no assistance, no training for staff experience, imagine the difficulties. Everyone is under tremendous pressure, with a firm belief, and vows to pass all teammates.

    Challenge the limits, break through the self

    Sharing sentiment, moving and crying

    Best cube person

    At the end of the training, take a speedboat and travel around the island to enjoy the last moments.