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                1. good news丨Cube design won 8 gold medals

                  On October 20th, the 12th Golden Medal Awards for the Shenzhen Region came to an end, which also meant the end of the 2017 Golden Pan Awards project in all regions. Cubic design took back eight best awards of the year, and in this Shenzhen area, it won a Grand Slam.

                  What do these excellent works look like? Let me take a comprehensive understanding below.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Award Shenzhen Best Office Building of the Year]

                  Wongtee Building

                  Project Location: Futian District, Shenzhen
                  Service range: façade design
                  Partner: CCDI International Limited

                  The Shenzhen Central Business Center is an area filled with various high-rise buildings. In such an environment, another “special” shape will not appear outstanding, but will be submerged. A simple, clean and tidy shape began to become special and eye-catching. Such a tower fully demonstrates the strength and value of the company.
                  The Royal Pavilion, located at the intersection of the main streets of the two central business districts, reshapes the city skyline with a clean shape, with a light body and a smooth and rounded surface, showing the city's style, and it is also eye-catching. Landmarked buildings.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Award for the Best Luxury Mansion of the Year in Shenzhen]

                  OCT Neuschwanstein

                  Project Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
                  Project size: 314 732m2
                  Service Scope: Architectural Design
                  Partner: SCDA Architectural Design Office

                  The Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, where the Neuschwanstein Castle is located, is a traditional luxury residential area, a fashionable business district and a cultural highland in Shenzhen. We combine the rich resources and geographical advantages of the surrounding area to explore in depth using contemporary techniques and international perspectives. The residential units are private, comfortable, naturally ventilated and have plenty of sunshine, and large private terraces and small living balconies allow residents to enjoy the view. The whole building is light and transparent, like a carved artwork on the Swan Lake.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Award for the Best Residential in Shenzhen Region]

                  Yan Han Shan Yuan

                  Project Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
                  Project size: 47 860㎡
                  Service scope: architectural design, construction drawing design

                  Taking into account the area in which the project is located and the basic intention of the city, we base ourselves on modernity, drawing on post-modern and refined industrial aesthetics, using modern materials such as aluminum alloy glass and stone, in an effort to reflect the exquisiteness and exquisiteness of modern industry. The overall unity of the elements, the delicate lines, giving a sense of grandeur, while experiencing unparalleled exquisiteness, the exquisite and luxurious of modern technology to the extreme.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Award for the Best Integrated Property of the Year in Shenzhen]

                  Shenzhen Fengshushan

                  Project Location: Longgang District, Shenzhen
                  Project size: 127 500㎡
                  Service Scope: Architectural Design

                  In this project, we have created a comprehensive greening system from the commercial street, the greening of the residential area, and the private small garden. As a part of the ecology, the courtyard is infiltrated with the surrounding natural ecology, which greatly enriches the community and urban environment, so that it is quiet and open, open and closed, and separated from the public and private, creating a personality, leisure and fashion lifestyle.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Award Shenzhen Industrial Real Estate of the Year]

                  Shenzhen Bay Ecological Technology City

                  Project Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
                  Project size: 467 60㎡
                  Service scope: architectural design, construction drawing design

                  Along with the rapid development of the city, the interaction between rational planning and free growth eventually gave birth to many high-density spaces between high and low buildings, such as the “village in the city”, which gave the city its unique Personality and spirit. The design concept of Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco-City is based on this unique form of urban space. We extract and reorganize the rich and lively mechanism in the city, thereby creating a high-density, multi-dimensional ecological three-dimensional research community that is closely integrated with urban space.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Awards for the Best Residential in South China]

                  Zhuhai Kitayama cloud villa residence

                  Project Location: Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City
                  Project size: 60 230㎡
                  Services: architectural design, landscape design

                  This is a vibrant urban space and a high quality residential community. We pursue the maximization and mobility of the courtyard space to create a diverse and diversified product range. The architectural style is combined with the local natural and human environment, which not only reflects the characteristics of the coastal garden city, but also is full of modernist style.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Awards for the Best Integrated Real Estate in South China]

                  Foshan Zhonghai Huanyu Tianxia

                  Project Location: Nanhai District, Foshan City
                  Project size: 655 370㎡
                  Service Scope: Architectural Design

                  With its innovative concept, Foshan Huanyu City creates a boutique experiential shopping park and a mid- to high-end urban lifestyle destination. The project adopts a neoclassical and elegant style, with a fine design and a neat and tidy proportion, which will surely become a new landmark for shopping in Foshan.

                  [The 12th Kinpan Awards for the Best Commercial Real Esate of the Northwest Region]

                  Huixiangshi Town, Tangchi Town

                  Project Location: Tangchi Town, Hefei City
                  Project size: 41 418㎡
                  Service scope: planning and design, architectural design

                  The project aims to build a chief folk culture leisure tourism town in Hefei Metropolitan Area. The design inherits the cultural connotation of Anhui folk cuisine, adopts the modern Huizhou style architectural style, blends creative elements, and uses the virtual and real contrast techniques to make people feel the simplicity, elegance and humanity in every detail of the corner, eaves, grille and stone road. Chinese style.

                  About the Kinpan-

                  "China's high-quality real estate selection platform"
                  The Kinpan Award is a professional platform dedicated to the dissemination of “China's high-quality real estate”; it is a real estate development award that is dedicated to setting a benchmark for real estate product design, leading the healthy development of the real estate industry and playing an active role in improving the urban architectural appearance; An authoritative public welfare development award.