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      News丨New Force, New Future, 2018 Newcomers Debut

      Since the launch of the Cube Design Recruitment Program
      Every year, a large amount of fresh meat is added to us.
      These young people are full of energy and have many ideas.
      Bring us new energy and style
      The company also prepared a training dinner for new students.
      Through classroom training and project site visits
      Enable new students to quickly understand the company and integrate into the team
      the following
      Let's take a look at these new forces.
      How to show outstanding in training and assessment

      Course training:

      Partner Xiang Daqing introduces the company's development to new students
      Encourage newcomers in a cubic spirit
      Pursue originality, focus on quality, and actively serve
      And share creative experience with a large number of excellent practice cases.
      Teaching experience and skills

      Salary and benefits, rewards and punishments, promotion, reimbursement system, etc.
      Answered by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Finance for the new classmates
      In addition, technical director Li Wei and operating director Feng Wei
      Also calculate the technical standards and output values of the project
      And professional literacy has been explained in detail
      Prepare for newcomers to get started quickly

      Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles
      The training specially arranged the field trip
      Take a trip with the classic project that the new classmates have done to the cube.
      Use your eyes to find different designs

      Visit route:

      Cube Shenzhen Project Map:

      Project selection:

      Project inspection:

      Discover the secrets of design in a brick, a seam, and a window

      This time the baptism of knowledge and walking just a prelude
      New students also face more stringent outdoor development tests
      Can you succeed in passing the test?
      Let us look forward to their outstanding performance in the future