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          Outdoor development training丨CUBE 2018 newcomers debut

          Newcomers who have just finished class training
          Immediately assemble and start their second "debut" training -
          New employee outdoor development training
          The training venue was chosen in the beautiful Tsuen Wan.
          One side is blue sea and blue sky, white silver beach
          One side is team training, the ultimate challenge
          In order to achieve the C bit Debut
          The performance of the younger brother and sister can be said to be very exciting.
          Come see who you are willing to pick?

          Liwan Island in Huizhou City
          Known as "Oriental Maldives"
          Unfortunately, Tiangong is not beautiful.
          These days, the typhoon affected the torrential rain in Guangdong
          But it didn’t affect everyone’s mood at all.
          See the state in which the students are seriously engaged in training
          I’m sure I’ll be shocked when I’m training early.
          Since I am here, I have to settle down, the Buddha’s mentality.

          Training the first item - icebreaking trip
          The teams have a good team name and slogan under the leadership of the team leader.



          A healthy little brother turned over
          More students need to break through the line of defense under the support and support of the players.

          After many difficulties
          The hearts of new people will also open
          Everyone enjoys the joy of success
          Accept the punishment of failure
          Experience teamwork skills
          Better understand the power of mutual care, encouragement, and moving forward together
          Looking forward to new people to cooperate with this team,
          The spirit of courage goes forward to the future work
          Create better results