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          Express丨2017 Kinpan Ceremony,Cube design comes back with honor

          From December 20th to 22nd, the 2017 China Real Estate Development Summit and the 12th Golden Plate Awards Ceremony were held in Guangzhou. Mr. Qiu Huikang and Mr. Xiang Daqing, the cube design partners, were invited to attend. Cubic design won the award in nine projects in the 2017 Golden Medal Awards. At the same time, Mr. Xiang Daqing was named “2017 Golden Pan Character”.

            Industry event, successful people gathered  

          Kinpan Week of Activities lasting 3 days
          Is a provider for real estate developers
          Practice meeting of gathering, collision and promotion
          Bringing together many real estate groups and design institutes
          President, executives, R&D experts, design director
          Discuss industry topics together
          In addition to the Golden Pan Awards Ceremony
          More than ten games cover real estate development, real estate design,
          The summit of real estate finance and other themes took turns
          Industry dry goods, wonderful cases, unique insights...
          Every scene is wonderful



            High-end residential development trend forum  

          First day of the event
          Held the

          Mr. Xiang Daqing, Cube Design Partner, presided over the forum

          Successful people from Aoyuan Group,RK Properties,Greenland Group and other nine industries attend this event
          For "how to define a luxury home,"
          “Can the unit price become the standard for luxury homes?”
          The issue of "the elements of the success of luxury homes" and other issues

          2017 Kinpan Awards Ceremony

          21st afternoon
          The 12th Kinpan Awards Ceremony was held
          Mr. Qiu Huikang, Partner of Cube Design, was invited as an honored guest to attend
          Cubic design won 9 awards such as “Best Office Building”, “Best Residential” and “Best Industrial Real Estate”

          ▲Live event

          ▲Mr. Qiu Huikang speaks

          ▲Full harvest

          Award-winning project display

          12th Kinpan Award in Shenzhen Region's Year Award for Best luxury residential /
          National Best Luxury Residence of the Year Award

          Wongtee Building

          12th Kinpan Award in Shenzhen Region's Year Award for Best Office Buliding/
          National Best Office Building of the Year Award

          Shenzhen Bay Ecological Technology City

          The 12th Kinpan Award Shenzhen Region's Best Industrial Real Estate Award /
          National Best Industrial Real Estate Award

          Yan Han Shan Yuan

          The 12th Kinpan Award Shenzhen Region's Best Residential/
          National Best Residential Award

          Foshan Zhonghai Huanyutianxia

          The 12th Kinpan Award South China Comprehensive Real Estate Award / 
          National Comprehensive Real Estate Award of the Year

          Kitayama cloud villa residence
          The 12th Kinpan Award for the Best Residential Award in South China

          Shenzhen Fengshushan

          The 12th Kinpan Award Shenzhen Region's BestIndustrial Real Estate Award

          Huixiangshi Town, Tangchi Town

          The 12th Kinpan Award for the Best Commercial Real Estate of the Year in Northwest China

          Qingdao Blue Innovation World

          The 12th KIinpan Awards Indoor Awards for Best Commercial Space Award of the year

          2017 will soon be over
          Under the efforts of all employees for one year
          We have created many new works
          Harvested a lot of praise
          These accolades will inspire us to move forward better.
          Continue to work hard to create excellent works
          And providing quality service
          We look forward to creating better results in the coming year!